Communications Systems Architect

Position Description

The position will be responsible for system design and analysis in support of VIDA architecture, particularly as regards LMR/IP Technologies. Areas of responsibility will include system level requirements analysis, architectural design, interface definition and documentation. The position may include the prototyping, development, documentation and support of core software libraries to be incorporated into VIDA products.

Minimum Requirements

A Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, preferably Electrical Engineering or Computer Science, with a minimum of 5 years of system engineering experience relevant to the communications field is required. An advance degree and additional experience is desirable. Familiarity with system design methodologies is highly desirable. The position requires a thorough understanding IP protocols. The position requires fluency in the C programming language, with experience in C++ and related languages, as well as Java and related languages highly desirable.

Special Requirements

Knowledge of and experience with public safety radio protocols such as P25, EDACS, Tetra and OpenSky is highly desirable. Knowledge of and experience with 3G cellular systems (GPRS, UMTS) is desirable. Knowledge of and experience with VOIP protocols (SIP, RTP and related protocols) is highly desirable. Prior participation in standards organizations is desirable.