Sr. Foam Chemist

Position Summery
Responsible for the research, identification, formulation, and sourcing of chemicals to optimize the quality, producability, and cost characteristics of existing and new products.

Essential Functions
Receive general material specifications for products; research, identify, and source polyurethane, PVC, TPE, rubber, mold release, and other materials to meet or exceed specifications.

* Develop compound formulations.

* Develop, plan, implement, and test program to evaluate formulations, materials, and products being tested.

* Conduct searches for optimum materials that can be used to manufacture products.

* Provide direct contact with current and potential vendors as required.

* Oversee and record start-up (and prototype) manufacturing using formulations developed; modify as necessary, and evaluate.

Minimum Qualifications:
Education: B. S. Chemistry

Experience: Minimum of 3 years related experience, preferably in manufacturing

Special skills and qualifications: Working knowledge of polyurethane chemistry